ETA Project Research Grants 2017


The ETA will offer 3 grants of 20,000 euros each year – 1 clinical, 1 basic, 1 translational.


The submission process will open on 1st march 2017 and close at midnight CET on 1st of May 2017. Decisions will be announced by 30th June 2017.


Submissions with received times after the closing time will not be accepted.


Applications will be submitted electronically, in english, using the ETA Research Grant Application Form to the ETA standing office.


Applications that do not follow this guidance and guidance on the Research Grant Application Form will be rejected.


Applications are limited to
a. ETA members in good standing under the age of 40 (at the date of the close of submissions) and within 5 years of obtaining their research qualification (MD or PhD).
b. Research projects in the area of basic, translational or clinical thyroidology.


Grants will be paid as a lump sum, but the work is expected to be completed within 2 years of the date of the grant award.


Grant applications will be ranked by the ETA Research Committee members and recommendations submitted to the ETA Executive Committe.


Grant applications that support the development of independent programmes of work by the lead applicants and promote their career progression towards independence are particularly encouraged.


The application will be a one-step process.


Successful applicants for an ETA Research Grant may not re-apply for a Research Grant for 12 months.


Only one Research Grant application may be submitted from the same research group/laboratory per year.


Successful applicants will be expected to present progress on their research project after two years at the ETA annual meeting of that year.

ETA Research Grants Application Form 2017

ETA Research Grants Guidance 2017