ETA Annual Meeting History

ETA Annual Meetings including ITC from 1960

Past Annual Meeting Programmes

The 50th Anniversary of the ETA was commemorated in 2017 by a historical symposium held in the course of the 40th Annual Meeting in Belgrade during which a 50th Anniversary commemorative book was launched by ETA President Pilar Santisteban. The apparent discrepancy in 50th vs 40th is accounted for by no ETA annual meetings being held in the year of an International Thyroid Congress. To complement this book, the ETA Archives Board have commissioned an online display consisting of searchable scans of programmes from earlier meetings (1967–2002) for which digital records were not available. The Archives Board would like to acknowledge the support of the ETA ExCom provided through ETA Treasurer Tomasz Bednarczuk and from Sandra Crutchley and Martin Then of the Standing Office.