ETA Statutes and Business G​uidance

Business Rules for Online Surveys - 09/2018

Business Rules for ETA Affiliated Organisations - 09/2018

ETA Statutes

Amended and approved at the General Assembly on 14th September 2010

1. Name and Aims of the Association
2. Membership of the Association
3. Organisation
4. General Assembly
5. The Executive Committee
6. Meetings
7. Honorary Auditors and Finance
8. Termination of the European Thyroid Associaton
9. Effective Date

Business Guidance (ETA Boards / new members) - 2017

Business Guidance on conduct of ETA Boards and appointment of new members

Business Rules (Financial Management) - 2016

Business Rules for the Financial Management of ETA Educational Activities and Non-ETA Scientific Activities

Rules for Partnership with Patient Organisations - 2016

Guidance for Scientific Misconduct - 2015

ETA Business Guidelines for Cases of Scientific Misconduct
Mainz, 6th Feb 2015

Business Rules (Annual Meeting hosts) - updated 2015

Business Rules for Centres wishing to host an ETA Annual Meeting

Aims of the Educational Board - updated 2015

Rules for Guidelines - 2010