ETA History

(Public Domain)

The history of the ETA is maintained by the ETA Archives Board in two sections on the website. The Public Domain shown below is available to all, while the Private area is restricted to ETA members and requires password login. The Public area begins with a list of ETA Annual Meetings and their location. The 50th Anniversary of the ETA was commemorated in 2017 by a historical symposium held in the course of the 40th Annual Meeting in Belgrade. The apparent discrepancy in 50th vs 40th is accounted for by no ETA annual meetings being held in the year of an International Thyroid Congress. Following the list of meetings are searchable scans of programmes showing authors and titles of presentations from Annual Meetings. There follows a slideshow documenting participants at Annual Meetings and a commemorative note from ETA founding member Jacques Dumont, Belgium. Past ETA Executive Committees are also listed. The Public section concludes with information on the ETA 50th Anniversary Book (free to ETA members), information on the European Thyroid Journal and issues of the online journal Hot Thyroidology. The Archives Board hopes that making this information publically available, as well as documenting ETA history, will provide a database available for study documenting progress in thyroidology over the years.

Peter Smyth, UCD, Dublin, Ireland
Chair, ETA Archives Board

Peter Smyth