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The Marion Gluck Training Academy Thyroid Masterclass

08.10.2022 - Online

The Marion Gluck Training Academy is hosting its second virtual accredited thyroid masterclass in October following the success of the first course.

The much-requested thyroid course is for medical practitioners looking to gain essential knowledge on how to diagnose and treat thyroid disorders and will be led by BHRT expert and Functional Medicine Doctor, Dr Ghazala Aziz-Scott, who will cover the anatomy and function of the thyroid gland, explaining all thyroid hormones and describing the conditions which lead to abnormal thyroid production. The course will also include expert prescribing advice from Specialist Pharmacy's Super Intendent Pharmacist, Rizvan Batha.

Dr Aziz-Scott will also explain the synthesis of thyroid hormones and nutritional requirements for their production, demonstrate knowledge of all different thyroid medications available, both synthetic and desiccated, as well as give advice on how to confidently evaluate thyroid disorders and treat/refer appropriately. The training provides a factual overview of thyroid function and health, and includes real life case studies, enabling practitioners to understand the full picture of how to manage the various thyroid disorders.

The masterclass is designed as a standalone course for all practitioners and is also the perfect follow-on course for those who have already completed The Marion Gluck Training Academy’s courses in bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

This live, virtual masterclass, which is priced at £295 +VAT, will be held on Saturday 8th October 2022 at 10am - 1:30pm and is CPD accredited for 3 points.

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