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Practical Management of Thyroid Cancer: A Multidisciplinary Team Discussion

24.03.2022–25.03.2022 - Online

Bart de Keizer, Deandreis Desiree, Luca Giovanella, Livia Lamartina, Murat Tuncel, Erik Verburg, Alexis Vrachimis

Target audience
Nuclear Medicine specialists and researchers, Endocrinologists, Oncologists and Residents.

Course content
This course aims to provide knowledge and practical skills for the multidisciplinary management of thyroid cancer in view of the most recent different guidelines. Attendees will be challenged with case discussion during interactive session to define the best diagnostic and therapeutic strategies in patients with thyroid cancer, including differentiated and refractory disease. Radioactive Iodine treatment with dosimetric estimates as well as combined therapeutic approaches with local and systemic therapies will be discussed. All the participants are invited to bring their own challenging clinical cases to be discussed in multidisciplinary team.

Learning objectives
- Main diagnostic questions in the management of thyroid cancer patients
- Overview of current guidelines
- Clinical challenges in the management of thyroid cancer patients Definition criteria and management of refractory thyroid cancer


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