How to become a member

Important note on required documents: Please incorporate CV (in English), publications (if applicable) and proposals from 2 Ordinary ETA members into one PDF before uploading.

Please use this Template for Letter of Recommendation (.DOCX)

New Applications after 04.09.2023 can no longer be considered for final approval at this year’s General Assembly.

Criteria for Application for Membership

Membership shall consist of Honorary, Ordinary, Junior, Corresponding, Emeritus and Corporate members.
a) Honorary membership is conferred upon persons of great distinction who have rendered exceptional service to the study of the thyroid gland. Honorary membership shall be limited to ten persons.

b) Ordinary membership is confined to those whose present and established interest is the experimental or clinical investigation of the thyroid gland and its diseases and whose residence or place of work is in Europe or any country bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

c) Junior membership may be granted by the Executive Committee to young research workers in the thyroid field less than 35 years of age. Junior membership cannot be retained for more than five years. The Junior may apply for Ordinary membership at any time during this period.

d) Corresponding membership is confined to those who, but for geographical reasons, would qualify for Ordinary membership. Corresponding members do not have the right to vote in the election of officers or on any motion proposing a change in the rules of the Association.

e) Emeritus membership has been introduced and confined to persons who meet all 3 following criteria: reached the age of 65, retired from remunerative employment and have been Ordinary or Corresponding members of the Association for at least 10 years. Emeritus members will be exempt from payment, have no voting rights and cannot be elected for any official positions.

f) Corporate membership can be granted to corporations and organisations with an interest in the thyroid gland and its diseases

g) Applications for membership must be submitted to the Secretary-Treasurer. Nominations for Ordinary, Junior or Corresponding membership should be proposed by two Ordinary members of the Association, and must be accompanied by a brief curriculum vitae and a list of the applicant's principal publications in the thyroid field (at least two publications are required for Ordinary and Corresponding membership, this does not apply for Junior membership). Application for Corporate membership should include the recent annual report of that corporation or organisation and should specify its interest in the thyroid field. Applications for membership will be examined by the Executive Committee. When approved by the Executive Committee, the nominees will be provisionally accepted as members of the Association. Their names will then be presented to the General Assembly for confirmation of election.