Membership Fees

1. For renewal of your membership please follow this link:

Important notice: Only members who have paid their fee can register for the Annual Meeting at the reduced member registration rate.

2. If you want to become a new member please visit this page.


40 Jan 1 - Dec 31

  • under 35 years


100 Jan 1 - Dec 31

  • Active Membership,
    no age limit


75 Jan 1 - Dec 31

  • Active Membership,
    no age limit


0 Jan 1 - Dec 31

  • Passive Membership,
    from 65 years

Ordinary membership is open to those whose present and established interest is the experimental or clinical investigation of the thyroid gland and its diseases. Ordinary members can keep their status without age limit and retain rights (voting, serving on committees and boards) and pay the ordinary membership fee.

Junior membership may be granted by the Executive Committee to young research workers in the thyroid field younger than 35 years of age. Junior membership cannot be retained for more than five years. The Junior member may apply for Ordinary membership at any time during this period.

Corresponding membership is open to those who, but for geographical reasons, would qualify for Ordinary Membership. Corresponding members can keep their status without age limit, pay the corresponding membership fee, but have no voting rights.

Emeritus membership will be confined to persons who meet all 3 following criteria: reached the age of 65, retired from remunerative employment and have been Ordinary or Corresponding members of the Association for at least 10 years. Emeritus members will be exempt from payment, have no voting rights and cannot be elected for any official positions.