19 January 2021: the joint ETA–ATA e-Conference

On January 19, a joint e-Conference of the ETA with the ATA was held, including such topical issues as COVID-19 and Endocrine Disruptors affecting the Thyroid. This joint meeting, the first ever between the two sister Associations, marks a strengthening of our relationship, especially in the field of Education on both sides of the Atlantic. We will have two joint e-Conferences a year, alternatingly organized by the two Associations, as well as other initiatives currently being negotiated.

The ETA is very pleased with these developments and, on behalf of the ETA-ExCom, I would like to express my appreciation to the ATA President Victor Bernet and the ATA Board of Directors. I also cordially thank the Secretary Jacqueline Jonklaas for the outstanding collaboration and her enormous enthusiasm in organizing this first joint e-conference and planning the steps for the next events.

Leonidas Duntas
Secretary of the ETA

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