The ETA is joining a petition for an endocrine disruptors free environment

The European Thyroid Association partnered with the European Society of Endocrinology, the Endocrine Society and 41 other European national and specialist societies in submitting a petition on Tuesday 14 March 2023 to the European Commission to demand the immediate publication of a proposal for the revision of REACH – Restriction, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals.

The revision of this critical EU legislative dossier is needed to cement the progress that has been made at the EU level to reduce the presence of endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) in our environment.

EDCs have been associated with a variety of rare and more prevalent cancers, infertility in men and women, osteoporosis, thyroid disease, metabolic illnesses (e.g., diabetes, hypertension and obesity), birth defects and numerous other disease areas or health conditions. Children are uniquely susceptible to these adverse health consequences already during foetal development, facing for example higher risk for obesity and neurodevelopmental impacts (e.g. lower IQ, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder [ADHD] and autism).

Over the last years, many endocrine experts have been engaged in the debate around EDCs by providing independent scientific input into numerous EU consultations, events and during personal meeting with a wide variety of decision-makers. Now is the time to make a final push and urge the European Commission to publish an ambitious REACH revision proposal before the end of June 2023, otherwise the file risks being delayed to the next Commission and/or watered down.

If you would like to support the petition, please help us to ensure the Commission takes notice by retweeting our posts, adding your comments and including #REACHrevisionNOW and #BecauseHormonesMatter.

Suggested Tweet: I support the ETA and ESE and the 42 European and global societies urging the Commission to adopt the #REACHrevisionNOW. We can no longer accept the severe health impacts of the current legislation. @EU_ENV @EU_GROW @ESEndocrinology @TheEndoSociety #BecauseHormonesMatter

In addition, you may want to reach out to local, national or European politicians you may know who can support our ambitions for a toxic free environment. We especially encourage targeting those officials working at the European, national or regional level in Health or Environment.

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