New ETA Website and Social Media Board

Dear Members and Friends of the European Thyroid Association,

The European Thyroid Association Executive Committee is delighted to communicate to all the creation of the new ETA Website and Social Media Board (WSMB), a platform for social networking and communication among its members and beyond via a wide variety of social media posts. It is truly a huge pleasure for me, as Secretary of the ETA, to announce the inauguration of this inspiring development and I would like to warmly congratulate the Board for their excellent work.

In our modern-day world magically crisscrossed and interconnected by multiple exciting new modes of interaction, the social networks link us up worldwide, via invisible fibre technology, thus giving us the means both to underscore and to stimulate our manifold activities in society both as individuals and as a group. It is with immense anticipation that we too enter this fascinating global ‘community’. The platform created by our outstanding renewed WSMB can be productively used, first and foremost, to disseminate vital information and constant updates in the field of thyroidology. For example, news about such events as the ETA Annual Meeting, the satellite meetings, the educational and the social activities of our Association, and May 25th World Thyroid Day will now be at everyone’s fingertips. Also, readily available will be, inter alia, instant communication concerning the results of studies having an impact on public health, and any problems arising concerning the bioavailability of thyroid hormone drugs, while provision of the best possible scientific solutions in the event of a natural disaster, radioactive fallout, and the like will additionally be instantly accessible. Secondly, our ETA-WWMB now has the capability to constantly highlight the remarkable and wide-ranging work accomplished by the ETA.

In a word: Stay inter-connected and inter-communicate via the WSMB of the European Thyroid Association!

Leonidas Duntas
Secretary of the ETA

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