World Thyroid Day 2021

Launched on 25th May 2008 by the European Thyroid Association (ETA) and by the American Thyroid Association (ATA), the Latin America Thyroid Society (LATS), and the Asia Oceania Thyroid Association (AOTA), World Thyroid Day (WTD) has been commemorated each year since then round the world.

Also endorsed by the patient organization Thyroid Federation International (TFI), the Day and the Week around WTD are dedicated to all thyroid patients with the aim of increasing awareness, emphasizing the prevalence of thyroid diseases, and promoting understanding about the new treatment modalities.

Our number one goal is to improve the care of thyroid patients throughout Europe and the world through patient support, scientific research, and education. The pandemic prevented the holding of our traditional “open doors” events and other educational activities last year and it has also this year. Nevertheless, the thyroid community is honouring WTD as well as our commitment to our patients for improved health and wellbeing.

The virus appears to be a reminder to humanity of the absolute necessity for healthy environments, far less pollution and waste, an end to our throw-away culture, along with, importantly, appropriate nutrition, including adequate amounts of iodine, selenium, zinc and iron among the population. It also reveals the strong bonds between all those who are passionately committed to thyroid research and clinical practice. The last 15 months of isolation and uncertainty have connected us more strongly with our patients. We stayed together and we fought together.

We now look to the future with more confidence.

Commemorating World Thyroid Day 2021!

On behalf of the ETA-ExCom

Leonidas Duntas
Secretary of the ETA

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