World Thyroid Day 2022

World Thyroid Day (WTD), 25th May, is dedicated to the global thyroid community, to our patients, physicians, and researchers who are committed to the care of thyroid patients and the treatment of thyroid diseases. In this year of war in the middle of Europe, when our hearts are with the many victims, with all those who have lost loved ones and/or their homes, the ETA is moreover arranging to offer humanitarian aid and, for this purpose, we are in contact with our partners and other organizations.

In such times of uncertainty, including the risk of nuclear threats, the ETA is aligning with our sister Associations, fully supporting the initiative of the ATA which plans to conduct a global online event with two representatives from ATA, AOTA, ETA and LATS on the effects of radioiodine and the use of iodine. The Associations have agreed to hold the webinar on Wednesday, May 25th – World Thyroid Day! It will be broadcasted live from 10:00 –11:00am EDT (4.00h-5.00h CET) to cater to the various global time zones. The webinar will accommodate up to 485 registrants, and it will be recorded to be available for those who cannot attend live.
The link is the following:

Moreover, the ETA encourages our members to organize events with the public, open doors to the Hospitals and Institutions, provide information about thyroid disease, and increase awareness. Please feedback if you wish to the Secretariat photos or short reports so that the events can be recorded in The Thyroidologist, or in the Newsletter. There is much need for such events following two years of distance due to the pandemic.

The Thyroid community remains united, connected, and loyal to our values.
With hopes for yet another successful commemoration of WTD!

Leonidas Duntas
Secretary of the ETA

Graham Williams
President of the ETA


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